Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bundles of Joy!!

Bundles of joy! Bundles of warmth and comfort! And loads of wonderful hands that make them!  This is one of the latest createst from the Expatchers.

Quilting lines of love!

This quilt will go to Birmingham victim of spring tornado.

The label says it all--peace, love and some comfort from us to you.

What a delightful quilt for a baby boy!

And our master quilter, Judy M, adds her special touch.

We had this top on the design board several weeks ago; now, it is finished and ready to wrap a little person with hugs and kisses.

Through the eye of the long arm quilting machine, you can see the panto that is being mastered for this quilt.

How delightful--
The latest creation on the design board!  and now for the faces of those who have made all these wonderful quilts that will be send to Binky Patrol.


Karen, on her way home after a morning visit.

Brenda, just recently returned to the group after doing her grandma duties in Colorado.

And Judy M and Camilla in the midst of a serious conversation--where to hold the next birthday luncheon!  Several of our group were out on assignment--life duties with their families.  We are a strong knit group-- giving support, comfort and joy not only to the community but to each other. 

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