Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mistake?? Oh, Joy!

Ever make a big mistake?  A major mistake?  What's the saying--"measure twice, cut once"?  How about--"read all the instructions carefully!"? before continuing on your quilt.
We have been working on this quilt since last summer--it took lots of half square triangles.  All that sewing on paper to get just the perfect square.
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Lots of stitching took place over the summer of 2011.  Going good here we thought.
Just great handwork--looks perfect and ready to sew into part three of the steps.  All stitched--hurrah!!
It took four of these corners to finish up step 3.
Here is where both of those sayings at the top of blog come in--!  Thinking all was well and it was time to move onto the next step, out came the rotary and ruler--cut away all that excess--  Well, horrors of horrors!  These pieces would not fit into the pattern!!  Woe is me!  Looking at the pattern--again, one could plainly see that there is another 1/2" that needed to left on.  What to do? What to do?  Restitch all those time consuming patterns--AGAIN?  Another summer of stitching and all that work gone to waste?
NOT!  This is the time when the brain becomes creative!!  why not do this.................
applique all those patterns onto matching cloth and then cut away the back--well, why not?  And we are off and running smoothly again.
At least, it isn't all wasted time--and the cutting lines have been MARKED!! Certainly won't make that mistake again!  Read carefully before cutting is THE major rule now!!

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