Saturday, March 3, 2012

Great Group of Weavers!

The first week of every month is a real treat when the weavers gather to discuss, show and tell what they have been working on for the past four weeks.  It is always inspiring to see the latest creations straight from their looms.
Linda had samples (finished projects is more like it!) from her workshop adventure at VAV weaving weekend retreat.  This is one of the cottolin twill towels she had to display.
One of her accomplished wovens was this fulled wool throw--once again in twill.
Very traditional Swedish towel in clean blue and white cottolin yarn--woven by Linda.
Here is the bath mat that was woven in heavy cotton yarn--very absorbent.
D'Anne showed her  samples from workshop presented by Inge Marie Carmel, who works with e-textiles and soft circuits, combining weaving and electronics. 

This braclet has connector threads that run along the back.  When the snaps are connected completely then the LED lights will function--flashy!

Two or three of the members participated in the guild swap exchange--the study was on overshot.  This was one of the samples pulled from the notebook.

This is an interesting interpretion of one overshot.

Marian is weaving satin and had this lovely scarf to show.  She is working to achieve a different front and back in structure.  Her yarns are silk warp and tencel weft with 5 H weave.

Barbara is working with woven shibori--This is bamboo 10/2 dyed with navy and red.

Aside from the swap swatch exchange, Barbara wove this overshot in butterfly pattern.  Once again she has used 16/2 bamboo for warp and 8/2 tencel for weft--this had a light weight and nice touch to the hand.

Karen I working with overshot at a recent workshop, brought this interesting rag rug.

This is her second rug on the same warp--she used a heavy cotton seine yarn for the warp thread.
Here is how the rug looks on the floor--great pattern detail.

We welcomed Gretchen back to our fold after an absence of many years.  Gretchen has been living abroad.  She recently joined one of Anne Hanson's Knitspots knitting club.  This one is called Bare Naked, featuring natural color yarns and a different pattern each month.  We've got to check this one out.  Okay, that loom sitting in the corner must be uncovered and warp must be applied.......................................such inspiration--how can we can begin to weave??!!

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