Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's Chat!

When you are with friends, you can let your hair hang down, get burdens off your chest, sing the blues, cry in your beer, shout with each others joys, laugh at jokes and unload your sorrows.  And these friends, who have ventured with you down the long halls of life, lift you up, give you support and bring you the peace you desire.  They are truly there for you no matter what!
We are just chatting, but oh what a strength we get out of these chats!
The expatchers gathered Tuesday to 'just chat' as our hands were busy with various other chores.
Karen brought her four patch flannel blocks to square up.  She is making blankets for 'her boys'.

She has her ruler marked where the boundaries should rest--that makes it doubly correct, before trimming.

Camilla has brought her machine so she can work feverishly away on a Binky quilt top.

These squares were cut at a previous gathering and quick to sew.

Linda was adding the finishing touches to the binding on this quilt top.

Brenda, our hostess for the day, was happily stitching away on a burp cloth.

This lovely collection is going with her as she journeys to be with her newest grandbaby.

Bet you can guess the sex of this new addition?
Yes, we are just chatting.  But, somehow, when you walk out the door, your steps seem lighter, your heart is filled with laughter and joy--just knowing your friends are listening and they care.

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