Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy Interesting Week!

The first full week of a month is always interesting--not only are their household chores (tile cleaning, laundry, regular etc. etc stuff) going on, there are also two meetings to attend.  Tuesday is weavers' gathering and round talk show and tell takes place. 
Penny had her lovely handwoven towels to show off--lucky sister who will receive this handy work.  Cottolin warp and weft makes for a thirsty towel.

This towel is cottolin warp and linen weft--nice handle.
Penny had this novelty boucle yarn scarf to show off!  Great cozy comfort this is!

Penny also had a set of six table linens to offer for sale--all dyed with indigo from her dye pot! Each of the six is individual in their look.

100% linen towels found through an Internet site.

Rosemary showed off her unique bracelets made from handspun yarns--time consuming but lovely to wear.

Talk about overshot was a big topic since the sample exchange this year was miniature overshot.  Rosemary had her notebook filled with the samples and also had this booklet honoring 40th anniversary of the guild.  An updated on was made for 50th anniversary.  The meeting was rounded out by presentation on how to tie for weft ikat dyeing--our 2012 study.
The second meeting of the first week is fiber artist meeting--next blog post on jurying for exhibit.

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