Friday, March 23, 2012

This Little Pig................................

This little pig travels with us everywhere.  He has been to many US states and to foreign countries like Canada, Mexico, China and others to numerous to name.  He is always willing to travel.  He doesn't eat much, sleeps alot and doesn't make much noise.  He is willing travel companion. 
He fits nicely in the side pocket of a canvas bag. 

He even has his own backpack to carry any essentials he might need.

He fits comfortably in a jeans pocket as well.  And he wears his handwoven bands to show his true pride.

Unfortunately, this last trip he had to hurry to the side of his adopted grandmother as she lay ill in a hospital.  There were few stops along this journey--only rest stops, like this one on the Kansas turnpike where he perched on the sunflower emblem.
If he'd had a choice, he would have flown--but we all know pigs can't fly!  But this one can if given the chance!  And so, the trip came to an end at his adopted grandmother's side and miracles of all miracles, she rebounded and was moved to a skilled care facility where she will receive much needed rehab.  Once, again this little pig climbed back into his comfortable sleeping spot in the canvas bag as his job was done and off we return to our home state.
He was waken from a nap as we approached the Texas welcome stop.  He was so anxious to pose for this photo that he didn't even change into his journey garment.
It wasn't long before we found the roadsides covered in blooms!  Bluebonnets!  And little pig saw a photo op--what a bright spring day it was as he trounced through the lovely scented flowers.
Ah, sweet Spring has returned and so has this little pig...............................until the next adventure.

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