Saturday, April 2, 2011


There is a quilt pox going around--it is very contagious to some and as the sign says "no known cure"!  Have you caught this pox yet?  In our house, it has a steady hold on the sewing room and at times, no one enters--afraid they will catch the pox!
But, some are daring and have ventured in to try their hand at different techniques; like this applique.  Don't you just love this little squirrel?--Fun to make up using the spray starch and freezer paper method.  Just need to stitch around the acorns, do the sign lettering and wagon rope to finish up this block before April block comes out.  This one is from Bunny Hill Patterns.
The next three blocks are from two different challenges or QALs--one is being led by Natalia at Piece 'N Quilt (Star Block QAL, which just began) and the other is the wrap up from a series that began in the fall through Moose on the Quilts.  With the latter there are enough blocks to make a nice size quilt top--mostly from Layer Cake stack.
Each month there was a different quilt designer who were generous to give us a block.
And then there was this QAL--from PS I Quilts. It sounded like a good idea at the time, as the technique used two different jelly rolls--one lights, one darks, but then............
after you sew all those strips together, you have this.
And then you need to cut more strips.  Now, these are neatly stacked ready for the next step, which is ........
heading to the machine area where all those neatly stacked strips get tossed around and in one big mess!
Okay, now you sew again--five strips into one big block; make sure you alternate the colors right--or otherwise, frog it (rip, rip, rip)  Of course, that has never happen...........................
This will make an interesting quilt top if and when it is finished with the sewing--but at this point, it is rather boring, so one strip is added--occassionally--while sewing on another project.  Someday, you might see it here--COMPLETED!

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