Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Weaver Gathering

Blogger has changed their look; so, the short story is harder to figure out the codes for photos!  But, we'll learn and get in the groove with blogger again.
Here is the April happening with one weaver study group.  We are donating unused shuttles to our new weaver, Scharine.  These came from Rosemary's studio.  It seems the longer you have been weaving, the more shuttles you gather and some just sit idle by the side lines.

Rosemary attended a juried art festival in the area and bought this lovely jewel of a shawl.  It is plaited twill pattern.  Olga came bearing three of her recent felted creations.  The first one is dyed a chocolate brown.  It is silk base with wool inlay.

For some reason, the camera picked up the color differently in this photo.  You can see the wool strips laid in stripes.
This creation was black base with white silk and wool inlay.  Absolutely fantastic handle!
In this photo you can see the stretch of the wool/silk as it is pulled and laid over the base fabric.
We all envy this one!  Olga said it was a keeper for her to wear!
Penny showed her woven blanket--so very soft; the handle on this was wonderful!! And the color combinations were real winners.
Our study for the year has been waffle weave.  Penny had a sample to show.  She used two different weights of linen and the top fabric has been washed.  She isn't pleased with the look.
This photo shows the linen fabric before it was washed.  This would make great curtains.  Penny wants to achieve a nice washcloth.
Connie had her waffle weave samples.  She is using color to outline the 'dimples' of the waffle.  We all agreed that we like the plain checkboard effect between the waffles.  The only problem weaving waffle and plain weave is the draw-in.
Great waffles achieved but not to Connie's satisfaction.  Back to the 'drawing board' for her.
Antje, on the left and Rosemary on the right are examining Antje's latest rug.  Antje breaks all the rules for weaving and we love it!!  This, to her, is the wrong side.
This is Antje's right side! She wove it this side up and tucked al the loose ends to the back side.  She is very thrifty and uses old clothing for her 'rags'.  She'll combine knit and cotton together.
And this lovely shawl is from the new weaver Scharine--can you believe?  She is weaving with sari silk and this has been through the burnt test to make sure it is truly silk.  Lovely--another one to break the rules with her weaving!
A close-up of Schraine's edge where she is knotting the fringe, for a more elegant look.

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