Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Little Stitchin' Here, A Little Stitchin' There

The hands are busy! If the hands are busy, then the mind is busy. These pieces are works from past few weeks in the studio.
Trying to keep up with this series of BOM applique blocks has been an adventure to say the least.  We are learning new techniques and applique stitches are becoming more controlled.
This BOM (Block of the Month) Stitching has been quite fun to do--easy peasy and quickly completed.  Check out the right side of the blog to find "Summer Daze", which will lead you to this free stitching design.
Well, it's April, but we are stuck with February 'wacky love' calendar wall hanging.  This is also noted on the right side of the blog.  Each month it is a complete wall hanging--if you keep up.
The Ex-Patchers met this pass week in Judy's spanking new studio!  WOW!  Is it great!  Good lighting, nice comfy area with lots of working area--we are happy!  Judy is beaming with her accomplished goal--a Studio!
Karen is working away on her heart quilt; adding the magic square to the corners of the heart fabric.
With our work space, we can seat comfortably to sew and also lunch as Debby is doing in the background.  Karen is keeping her hands busy with her chain stitching.

Debby has a stack of chain stitched sections to her block.  She is using a handy dandy gadget given to her by friend Julie--a wooden block with a small slicer on top--just slice through the chain stitch--super fast!

This is the pattern that Debby is making with her fabric squares.  She is making this quilt for her German foreign exchange student (from years ago) who is marrying this summer.  What a lucky couple!
Here is our 'unofficial' secretary, Annette, with her latest creation--just look at all those tiny little blocks--all paper pieced--what a smashing wall hanging!
Annette is adding the finishing touches on the back.  We discussed rules about the hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt--learn something new every day from these gals. 
Okay, we are back in the studio to finish up February 'wacky love'--maybe, even get to the April applique pattern today as well.  Hope there is a little stitching in your life!

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