Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hats! Hats! Hats!

We pressed 'green head' into service this past week. She was reluctant at first..............She thinks you might see her bald head between modeling jobs.  Alas, she does quite well once she begins.  Don't remember if you have seen this hat before but it is one of the knitting favorite patterns.  We call it Jane's Hat since the pattern came from a designer named Jane! who has this website Ewephoric Fibers  Yarn is soy silk from SWTC or Southwest Trading Company.
By using the mirror as a backdrop, you can get a better idea of how it fits on 'green head'.
This was quick to work up and using yarn from stash is always a bonus.  This yarn came from Interlacements and one of the yarns that were dyed during a workshop. The pattern came from Woolly Wormhead designs.  This is a favorite hat designer.
Nothing but regular worsted yarn from big box store!  Pattern is another one from Woolly Wormhead's design.
This hat was begun several weeks ago but 'aged' for awhile.  Now, it's off the needles and looks great on 'green head'!  Forgot the name of the pattern.  But, if interested PM and we'll find the pattern could be another Wooly Wormhead patterns.
This hat was one of the "mystery" patterns from Ravelry group--Minknits--join in the fun.  Usually each month there is a free mystery, with a section of the pattern given each week.  Somehow, these mysteries always appeal to this soul.
'Green head' was getting a little weary by mid afternoon, so this one got pulled down too far over her brows.  She didn't complain; just sat there and suffered in silence!  Don't remember this pattern name either--can look it up, if anyone is interested.
And Oh My Gosh--'green head; was getting silly now!  She wanted to try on the beaded purse that was a mystery pattern from December.  Hmmmmm, guess it could be a hat, if you had a very large head.  All these hats plus three scarves and one shawl are being packed in a box and being shipped to Knits for Needs. 

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