Sunday, March 27, 2011

Summer & Winter

The Way Out West Weavers study group (WOW--we get allot of bang with our name!) is weaving away on their looms on Thursdays. They have each designed a summer/winter pattern and spent each week thomping across their treadles to achieve the look they want. Here is Anita's loom, but there was a mistake.........................................and how do you repair this right in the middle of your warp? You add string heddles and rethread; then continue on your merry way! Way to go, Anita! Here is a drawdown of her pattern. Boy, these days you can use a computer program--remember the days when you had to use graph paper and mark each square by hand? Another loom shows off her summer/winter pattern. Gerry is the great leader of these weaving days. And she is so organized! See how she keeps track of her warp, weft, pattern throws--where, when, how and why--gee, to be so good! Her woven cloth tells the tale! another sampling of her handiwork. We all ooooh and ahhhhh over D'anni's woven towel--what perfect circles! Marian received this inkle loom as a Christmas gift and she is learning how it works. She has it warped for bookmarks. Here is the back of the loom. She has already woven these samples. Her goal is to make a band that can be wrapped around brie cheese as a gift/decoration. Our study group is assembling a basket of goodies for our biannual Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference to be held early summer. Each basket will be raffled. Our basket will be filled with kitchen items. Our summer/winter weaving sessions will continue throughout the year.

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