Monday, April 25, 2011

The Quilt Shoppe--Country Expressions--City Appeal!!

When my SIL suggested we take a 30 minute drive into the country and visit a quilt shop, the first thought to pop into one's head "what kind of a shop can this be?"  Well, greatly surprised is the answer when you cross the threshold into The Quilt Shoppe, outside the small town of Stewartsville, Missouri! 

This shoppe was featured in Better Homes and Garden's Quilt Sampler 2008 special edition magazine as one of the top ten quilt shops in the US.
The first impression has that WOW factor.  They were changing their display features but the overall effect was outstanding.  The shop is brightly lighted and spacious.  The quilts on display feature a wide arrange of techniques.

One of the featured quilt patterns is this contemporary pattern designed by Tula Pink
And there is the quilt made up in black and white prints!
The front porch boasts an inviting setting with laminate fabric coverings on the settee and pillows!  Yes, light weight laminate fabric and the design work is from the talented hands of Tula.  This fabric is soft to the touch with that nice handle one wants--this is not like the old oilcloth fabric of the days of yore!
Take a look at just one of the shelves teeming with wonderful soft spring colors!  And since this was a dark dreary day that we visited, the colors popped even more.
Kitchen accessories is not your mother's apron--this is one fashion statement you could wear on an evening out.
And there working away in her mother's quilt shop was none other than Tula Pink herself.  It was interesting talking with Tula about her patterns and fabric line.  Take a look at the smashing quilt in the background--another handwork from Tula's fabrics and patterns.  We could not resist--had to buy a couple of her patterns, some laminate and few other pieces of fabric.  Next time, my SIL suggest a drive into the country to visit this quilt shop, I'll be ready.

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