Friday, June 25, 2010

Refreshing on Hot Summer Day

Recently an old recipe popped into the head--well, it took some poking by brown headed daughter to actually remember. Isn't that what they are good for? In the days when the kids were growing up and the summer days were hot and humid, we would make fruit freeze. The recipe came from a friend; her name as we recall was Barbara. Anyway, this summer as all summers go, the little red line on the thermometer has been climbing and with that poke from the BHD, we made fruit freeze once again.
Now, this makes a large batch but it does well in the freezer, so here we begin with our shopping list: two (2) large cans of sliced peaches, one (1) can of apricots (but since there is a passion for this fruit we add more than one can), four (4) sliced bananas, one (1) large can of crushed pineapple, one (1) 12 oz. can undiluted orange juice, 20 oz. strawberries, juice of three (3) lemons. This time around we added one (1) can of Mandarin oranges and one (1) can of pears. All these fruits have no sugar added. You also need a large container for the freezer and gingerale (we use diet).
It takes some time to open cans and pour into the container, but it's all worth the time and effort. Mix well, pop into the freezer and wait........ The next day when the temperature is in that higher range, you can enjoy! Take the fruit freeze from the freezer and chop into small pieces to fill your glass, pour gingerale over and you have a nice refreshing delight to cool your body and mind.