Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OFF the Loom--Finally!!

Yes, finally the scarf that was begun last summer has finally come off the loom--fully woven. There is a disclaimer here too. Since we are only at the summer house four months out of the year, it stands to reason that it would take a year for this scarf to be woven--right?? The warp is from the studio of Prism Yarns by Laura Bryant. And appropriately named Albuquerque Taos Silky for Convergence 2010 to be held--where else but Albuquerque, New Mexico in July. The yarn is commemorative yarn custom dyed and handpainted by Prism Yarn's Laura Bryant. 6 ply, 75% rayon, 25% silk, weight is 16 oz. with approximately 2,000 yards.
The weft was silk thread (sewing machine) in blue and gold. Nothing like feeling you are at the end of a long warp and throwing those last few shuttles to complete the work.
Yeah, it's time to cut those ties--let's leave them in the dent, just in case we want to tie on another warp set at the same threading.
Loose from the warp, it is now considered completed. Just untie from the front beam cloth.
Not much waste on the back beam either.
The scarf resting in the front apron--love the colors!
Measuring the front fringe.
The ends that were tied to the back beam are one big mess!
So a little pressing will solve that problem.
Measure to the same length that the front fringe was and cut with rotary cutter. Now all those loose ends need to be neat and tidy-- twisting will take care of that problem.
Wash in warm water, hang to dry and we can come it off the loom--finally! Just in time to wear in Albuquerque!!


  1. Wow. Just beautiful and done with time to spare!

  2. Didn't know you had a blog. Will add to my list. Beautiful scarf, hope to see it around your neck at Convergence. Barbara