Friday, June 4, 2010

Quilt Coverings

The brown headed daughter requested a purple/green quilt to cover her bed. Do you know how much purple is NOT my favorite color?? Is it possible to bite the bullet and work with purple? Going to the quilt shop and asking for P fabric was out of the question--so, shopping online was the right solution. At least that way, saying the word "purple" didn't come out of my mouth! Browsing through several catalogs, this pattern from Keepsake Quilting appeared--magic! This was perfect! Green and p........ An order was placed for two kits with the thinking that two could be combined to make a nice queen size top. Kits arrived and sat and sat and sat. Okay, it was necessary to pull out that P fabric and actually touch and feel it. Time was running out to make the top and get it to the quilter. We would be leaving for summer home within three months and since this was to be a birthday gift for BH daughter the challenge was to finish on time.
The top was completed but didn't measure up to queen size with some drop down. Now, what to do? Oh for Pete's sake--must order more P fabric to make an extra border!! Darn it! Solutions on where to place the extra border went out to the expat quilter friends. And so, the quilt top sat around for another few days, waiting for the P fabric to arrive and when the P fabric did appear in the mailbox, it sat again in the sewing studio!! A decision was made on where to add the extra border and work began again. Oh, joy! It was necessary to work exclusively in P fabric!!
The bottom line--the top was finished and rushed from my hands into the capable hands of Sandy, the long arm quilter! Out of sight for now!! But, Sandy was quick with the quilting and it was back in my hands within two weeks. Now, to add that P binding and off we go to summer home with quilt placed in white plastic bag--out of sight again!

Now, that quilt is covering BH daughter's bed and she is quite happy to have an early birthday gift--just what she wanted--a P/green quilt!


  1. OH, my, this is just beautiful. BH daughter must be thrilled. I am not a big purple fan either but this is just great!

  2. I can guarantee that BH daughter is definitely thrilled! It's the perfect completion to the green and P bedroom. ;-)

    Thanks, Mom!

  3. LOL . Brown haired daughter has excellent taste in colors. The quilt is beautiful and you did a great job on it. I still don't know how in the world you get so much done and are still a fun person to be around. :)