Monday, June 7, 2010

Goof-off Day!

Don't we all need a good goof-off day once in awhile? Saturday was our goof-off day. We hopped into the car and took off for who knows where, deciding as we drove along- but first, we stopped at our coffee shop for liquid refreshment and enough caffeine to keep us going for a short while. Onward, we travel! Let's have some breakfast to compliment the coffee. Next stop- Cherry Creek farmer's market, located in Cherry Creek shopping area. This 'market' is held every Saturday and Wednesday through summer months. As far as farmer's items go, this market is on the upper scale--organic produce, fresh made dog food, flower vendors, gluten free baked goods, grass fed beef, free range chickens & eggs and lots of food vendors!
We spy the Denver Biscuit company truck. Yes, a truck that serves biscuits loaded with all sorts of goodies. Before we reached the Biscuit truck we passed the pizza man, who had his own special clay oven on wheels. He was making wood fired pizzas right there. Certainly looked delicious--maybe, that will be another goof-off day! Let's order! How about scrambled eggs, smothered with sausage gravy, on that giant biscuit? The next tent over had breakfast tacos and down the lane we found Venezuelan arepas! Must have one of those--nice crusty on the top & bottom and creamy soft in the middle but alas, no queso de manana so had to settle for plain mozzarella! The sign said the owner/baker was born in Venezuela but in our conversation he said he hadn't been there for 20 years. Well, the dude didn't look but 27! Anyway, moving along with the stream, we purchased a variety of mushrooms from the 'fungi guy'. Onward we go! Look there are tamales--maybe, one of those just to taste--pork with corn and green chili poured over the top. And the last booth--the chef was preparing a seafood paella. This was certainly a trip around the world. Our journey continues as we turn onto Colorado Blvd and pull into a small shopping strip which has hidden amongst its storefronts, Great Harvest Bread Company. Ahhh, the perfect stop. We hadn't been here for years. Step through the screen door into the bakery where aroma of fresh baked breads greet you. The best part about this bakery is the sample. Ask and you should receive a huge slab of fresh baked bread of the day; slap on some fresh butter, pour on some local honey and enjoy!! We couldn't resist purchasing two loaves--the special of the day (apple, cherry, berry) and Dakota, loaded with whole grains and nuts. These are no ordinary loaves of bread or air bread as we call them. These are hearty heavy loaves!!
Onward we continue--we had heard that the local children bookstore was having a sidewalk sale--why not stop in to see? The Bookies Any book lover would truly LOVE this place! Shelves loaded with children's books; pull out drawers with any title you can think of; need teacher supply books--they have them. Enjoy reading bios, mysteries, adult fiction, non-fiction--you'll find them there as well. It was hard to leave this store without at least two books in hand (as if we didn't have plenty to read!)
Homeward bound now--our goof-off day is coming to a close as we circle the block and head to the interstate. There will be other days to explore, feast and enjoy!

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