Monday, June 28, 2010

Onward to Another Project

Okay, maybe it will be just another UFO, but it's time to begin another project. Yes, there has been a completion of a couple of small UFO's so doesn't that entitle a person to begin something new, different and exciting? Well, of course.
Beginning this week is another mystery She Knits scarves. This time she teamed up with a dyer, and we were given choices as to colorways and this is what I chose. Here is a cool entralac project that is on the needles--a small pouch using silk on left (blues and greens) and cotton yarn on the right. These will be gifts.
And a new book has hit my bookselves! Thinking outside the sox--way cool socks! Nice to look at but don't know if any of these socks will actually make it to the needles.

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