Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wool Works

A First--working with wool fabric to create small wall hangings. Two kits had been well aged (meaning they have been in the closet and out of mind for quite some time)and finally, it was time to complete these small kits. This original pattern was purchased last summer at the very interesting The Little Wool Shoppe in Windsor, Colorado. This shop has everything but mostly deal with wool. This pattern was called "Celebrate the Seasons".
Complete except for some handwork detail, eg. eyes for the snowman, detailing the season banners, outline work around the bee flight pattern.
And this pattern was purchased who knows how many years ago at International Quilt Festival, held annually in Houston.
Close-up. These sheep definitely need eyes!!
All the blanket stitch was done by machine, which made the project move along.
Out of the closet and into the world!! Maybe more wool work will be forthcoming. Probably, after sufficient aging.


  1. GLad to see the Seasons wall hanging looking so near done. I love the sheep! They do need eyes. I have been in Colo Spgs for a few days of sock knitting.

  2. Cute,cute. Eyes definitely needed. Tiny buttons can be found in scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby or maybe beads would be better.

  3. I have the same Wooly Sheep kit! Mine is very well aged....maybe someday.