Friday, May 28, 2010

Lace Sampler Continues

We are trying to keep up with the mystery lace sampler from Ravelry group . Each month, around the 15th, a different theme lace pattern is revealed. Of course, there are some faster knitters who want the pattern sooner. At times, the reveal has been as much as a week early! So now, we are working on May patterns--just one small problem occurred--a mistake in counting--isn't that the pits!! There is talk about placing a 'life line' in case you need to rip back. That would be a good thought and should be followed, especially while knitting these lace patterns. Do you think that this knitter placed a 'life line'? Of course not! Anyway, the knitting is back on track and into the second repeat of the pattern for May.
There are some challenges along the way which lead to learning new techniques and stitches. March pattern included adding beads and making nupps. April was just straight forward with yarn overs. Now, May's pattern includes decreasing 3 stitches while increasing 7 stitches! It's very interesting!!
There is another mystery lace KAL (knit along) on Ravelry beginning in June. This one is the fourth of such mystery challenges through She-Knits and there is still time to join in on the fun. Pattern is sold on her website for all the past mystery knits but now you can actually see the finished product.

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