Monday, May 10, 2010

Weavers and Their Weaving

Weavers always say 'you have to be warped in order to be a weaver'! Yes, isn't that the truth in many ways. Rosemary is warped and ready to go!
Just recently one of the weaver study groups enjoyed their yearly May luncheon. Several members brought along samples of their recent work. New weavers have joined our group and shared their accomplishments. This sample used twill setting and some gold threads as weft. She is excited to be learning how to weave! We have to admire those who want to learn. They know no boundaries and have no fear--they are just willing to learn.
Barbara shared her lovely shawls. She uses 'new' yarns on the market--bamboo, soysilk along with rayon.
This is 8H twill weave pattern.
She finishes off her fringe with beads, adding more texture and highlights. Here is another one of her shawls, on the same threading and treadling. Interesting how color placement plays a large role in the look.
Close-up view.
Julie, who has returned from three years in Norway, has set up one of her looms and was weaving with Fox cotton fibers. Here is a sample of her twill towels.
There is some color difference as the above weaving hasn't been washed as the one below has. The color deepens with washing.
Oh, what a lovely shawl this is--light and lacy!
Close-up of this twill.

Yes, we are warped, but we sure can produce some wonderful pieces!


  1. There is a big weaver's day celebration in Boulder on Saturday at the CU campus. You and your friends are so talented.

  2. Soooo, wish I was there by Saturday!! But not, we will leave Saturday.

  3. Beautiful work! My compliments to the artists.