Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wool Musings

While we are on the subject of wool look what was discovered upon return to the summer home--more wool! Not wool fabric though but wool rovings which have been out of sight and mind. So can we say it has been properly aged? Why not? When we leave the summer home in the fall, every fiber related item is packed away in nice plastic bins and upon returning in the spring, it's a wild adventure to open the bins and enjoy these new found things! The first bin contained this lovely roving purchased from South Dakota friend, Marilyn. A former book wholesaler, Marilyn operates a farm called Black Hills Woolies (no website available). She markets the fiber of her own sheep, llamas and alpacas, selling yarns and roving (carded fiber) to spinners at various shows and other outlets, along with other fiber art products. We usually meet up each year in Estes Park and sometimes in Taos for wool markets.
That bin also included this wonderful black mohair roving as well as the next roving
red, white and black wool/mohair blend. This roving was bought on a field trip visit at Brown Sheep in Mitchell, Nebraska. Boy, was that fun--they let us 'dumpster dive' in the leftover yarns! The fiber retrieved from the bin was weighted and priced accordingly.
In another bin this white roving was rediscovered. This fleece was purchased two years ago at Maryland Sheep Wool festival--a springy corriedale breed. The fleece was sent to Ozark Carding Mill to be processed. It came back in this nice compact package.
And then in the last bin, this small bag of fiber was found. It's interesting that these fibers always write on my memory where they were purchased but never can remember that they need to be spun! This fiber was bought at Estes Park Wool Market The local guild hosts a vendor booth at the front of the vendor barn. And it's always a definite place to stop for shopping.
And in the midst of all those prepared fibers, look what was discovered!! a nice dirty fleece--this was one of those prize winning fleeces bought at wool market during the judging session. Another fleece to dye the one pot method!

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  1. Ha. Now I know why you live in 2 places. It's so that you have room for all your fibre stashes. :)

    That fleece looks great. What type is it?

    Can't wait to see the red/black/white spun. It needs to be something really wild.