Monday, May 17, 2010

Loose Ends

Before heading out for the summer home, there were a few loose ends that needed to be tied up; mainly, because when we return in the fall, who can remember what was what and where it was put! Guess notes should be written--but, it is exciting in one way--it is new when you return to the old! And sometimes, a game to figure out where my thought was in the first place.
Okay, here is the first thing to be pulled together. The pinwheel block group has finished with all the blocks--all 12 of those blocks were stacked neatly (well, almost neatly) on the desk. This was going to be a charity quilt so tying all the blocks together with sashing worked just fine. And not adding much of an outside border worked okay as well. It is probably over the 'limit' of fabric width for the quilter (she requests charity or Binky quilts be around 40" wide). And this one is way over that number!!! The floor is the canvas for placement. Someday, maybe we'll make a flannel board for the wall.
Using black printed sashing with accent connector blocks tied them all together.

We are working on the Jelly Roll blocks (behind one at this point). Each of these block challenges have been interesting and great way to go stash diving. This is the last block that was constructed. Here are the previous four blocks from the Jelly Roll Sampler.
Also, finished May block of the row from Fat Cat patterns. This is a great idea--all attached and finished when that last row is added on.
Okay, now we'll take time to do some handwork and continue on the journey to make more loose ends that will need to be tied up.

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