Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We're on a Wool Roll!

Let's continue on the wool theme today. Finally, a handspun wool scarf has been finished! Hurrah!! It seemed that this was one of those never ending projects! First, you spin the yarn; then you knit. Then you run out of yarn and go back to the spinning wheel. Why this method? The yarn will run out with the completion of the scarf! No yarn leftovers to worry over and wonder what to do with them. But, there is leftover unspun yarn to contemplate over. We can tackle that with another adventure.
This was the pattern: Of course, why follow the pattern? Why not add more stitches than mentioned in the pattern? Hence, the reason for the never ending scarf--didn't count the stitches, but well over 300 and this was knit in the round. For someone who does not like to purl this was a challenge. Since you are knitting in the round, you must purl to get the garter look. So, periodically, why not turn back on the other side and continue to knit? Yes, there will be a small hole in that spot. But who is going to notice that in the scheme of the whole? Besides, you can always stitch that small opening closed. Can you see the hole? Up close and personal! and the finished wool scarf.

Long enough to loop around the neck three times--over three yards in length. All pure softness. There could be other ways to wear this creation--we are still experimenting. This was great traveling knitting--no reason to worry over a pattern, just knit like the wind!

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