Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When is Wool Felt?

When is wool felt? Not to be confused with fulled, which happens when you take a woolen sweater and throw it in hot water and then in dryer--you get a fulled woolen sweater. No, felt is like a hard wool product. In our weaving circle there is a gal who loves to felt and she's good at it too! She can take wool roving, lay it out into a nice soft mat of nothing and then put all her power behind the wetting, rolling, sanding (yes, she uses a sander) to achieve a fantastic felted piece of art.

Here is member Kate admiring the table covered with wool 'fluff'. Antje takes this wool fluff and creates this masterpiece. Simply amazing! Here are a few other things that she has made with wool 'fluff'! Wonderful houses in the night. Or how about these whimsical creatures?
And Christmas trees
and a lovely butterfly, a gift for a small friend.
Yes, in the hands of Antje, wool fluff definitely becomes felt alive!