Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sights of Old Mexico

Standing in the middle of Progresso Bridge with Rio Grande River flowing freely under, we pause at the boundary marker before proceeding into Old Mexico. We choose this location to cross as we can park close on US side to walk the short distance to the markets. In the days of old, beggars would stand on the Mexico side near the river and yell up to passerbys to throw down some money. Now, the Mexican government has enclosed the bridge and made it almost impossible to throw anything down. At one spot we saw the dirty face of a youngster as he poked his hand through a small crack in the concrete break. How he managed to stand under the bridge is anybody's guess! Armed vehicles and soldiers greeted us as we walked onto the main street of Nuevo Progresso. In one way, it was a calming feature to see as there has been many times of trouble for Mexican citzens in recent months. We felt well protected! A common site when we lived in Venezuela.
Sandbags piled high and screen netting concealed soldiers behind their 'bunkers' at the foot of the bridge walkway. But, a few steps away from this, we found sidewalks busy with activity as vendors promoted their creations (most likely from China)
The colors of small trinkets for sale--"only one dollar, miss" the street vendors say.
The favorite selling feature this visit were these woven bracelets with names. This fellow was madly weaving away on a special order.
This lady was stitching away on her colorful project as she worked her sunglasses booth. Here you could even buy DVD copy of the new movie "2012", all in Spanish, of course! Young lads wearing white lab coats were hocking available services; it seems you could visit the dentist and have a pedicure and manicure at the same location! Folded magazine pages create interesting purses. The vendor demanded one dollar before he would let me take his photo! Guess he has to make money somehow.

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