Thursday, November 19, 2009


Okay, another mystery has been solved! In fact, two mysteries have been solved! Of course, we all knew these patterns, if knitted correctly, would produce hats, but only the designer knew what they looked like.
Here is the view of the tops of the hats, both are berets.
My friend, green head, models the look. She is a good companion--never speaks or objects to anything that is placed on her head.

These hats will sent to Knits for Needs to add to the total for the year. The goal is 500 knitted items and so far, the total is sitting around 400.
Sure feels good to solve these two mysteries, but guess what? There is another mystery brewing in the wind and it is entitled "Miss Marple"! Now, how can anyone resist the urge to knit with Miss Marple!


  1. What exactly is the project for Miss Marple? Another hat? Socks? Perhaps a case for her eyeglasses?

  2. Miss Marple will be socks! A different knitting technique for me to solve!