Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Mystery Solved; Three to Go!

There are never ending mysteries in our lives. A lover of mystery novels and mysteries period--the October sock mystery has been solved (yes, they are socks and darn neat pattern to boot). Mystery bag pattern is still being knitted although all the clues are there, there hasn't been time to piece together the last remaining hints to solve this one!
The toe of the handspun sock follows the lines of the sides. Hard to photograph one's toes; guess sock blockers should be one of the things on Christmas list!
This was an enjoyable pattern to solve! Easy to read the clues! We do not rest on our October laurels though, there are mysteries remaining to be solved in November--two hat patterns from Ravelry group, WoolyWormHead--hats to share with Knits for Needs
Shhhhhh, detective at work!

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  1. Those colors are perfect for you! Handspun, huh? Sigh. I really need to get busy.