Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quilting Tuesday!

Yes, it was another day spent with quilting buddies before we all go our separate ways for the Thanksgiving holiday. We talk, talk, eat, and quilt throughout the morning and early afternoon and then it is too soon for us to depart.
As a tribute for her son-in-law, who completed the Ironman competition, Linda created this huge Texas flag. Under the quilting talents of Sandy, the flag quilt will be given as Christmas gift. So, shhhh, keep the secret! (sorry for the fuzzy photo)
And Linda is smiling because she is finishing up an UFO! Hurrah!
This was a sampler that she began in Venzuela and we won't count how long ago that was--we are just happy she has one less UFO in her stash!

Judy, the hostess for this quilting day, is showing off her newest addition to her lovely quilt collection. This one is called "Whispering Pines" from Thimberries patterns.
Close-up of one block.

Can't you just hear the wind whistling through the pines!


  1. Very nice! You don't ever seem to post pics of your own quilts, though. Is that because yours are all UFOs?

  2. Yes, alot of my quilts are UFOs but I also have three at the quilters and will show them once they are finished.