Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Work Around the Homestead

During the month of June, to be precise June 7, we were at our granddaughter's high school graduation in Texas, a tornado touched down near our summer residence. There was no tornado damage to the house. But, once we arrived at the house and saw several roofing signs posted in neighbors lawns, we thought maybe there is something going on here--why so many signs? That was the first clue-- and then the knocks at the door by roofing companies wanting to inspect the roof--that was another clue. We called our insurance and they gave us the names of their preferred list of roofers. Soon we have roof guy crawling around on our roof and the report was "yes, you have a large amount of hail damage to the roofing". It seems when tornadoes are near, it drops hail and sometimes it can be huge. The shingles were dented in the numbers. The estimate was to replace the roof but first insurance company sent out an adjuster--well, not just one but three. They also crawled around on the roof and inspected the house with a fine tooth comb. The estimate came back--yes, bad hail damage to roof, but also two sides of the house, deck was scarred, outdoor chairs were damaged, grill was dented as well and the list grew. Okay, it is time to call in the repair people--first the roofers:Bringing in the shingles and unloading to the roof for safe overnight keeping.
Deck work; turning over the floor boards so it can be sanded. To sand off the paint of original flooring would have been cost prohibitive; alternative, to turn over the boards instead of replacing.

Working on the stairs!

Roofers came mid morning and worked through till dark to finish the job. Thank goodness! We were gone part of the day luckily. The pounding didn't bother me as much as the compressor running constantly!
Painters come next week and soon we'll have a new house!

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  1. And that deck sure looks awesome now! So happy I have a smart daddy!