Monday, August 10, 2009

Hi Ho into the Mountains We Go!

What a great weekend we had--a trip into the mountains is a pure pleasure any day of the week but this trip was to partake in the BBQ cook-off being held in Dillon, CO. Load up the car with drinks and off we go. No food required as we are going to stuff ourselves with BBQ! It's early so our first stop is for that substance known as black gold--coffee!
A little piece down the road we pull off when we see that flashing neon sign that boasts HOT!
Nothing like a fresh hot doughnut handed to you as you think over how many to buy!
All it takes is one bite to know this is heavenly!

With our appetites whetted for awhile we continue onto our destination. After an hour and half, we have arrived at our goal--the BBQ cook-off! Cooking teams line both sides of the town center streets--where to begin? Do we have a plan of attack? Purchase a fist full of tickets--oh, no, one of our party has ventured off to the first booth as we enter! Okay, no harm done and the taste of the rib bone was awesome--wonder if all booths will feature the same fall off the bone goodness!
The teams are varied and some have large festive booths while others are small and understated, but the food from each one we purchase is outstanding.
Some of the sauces are sweet, others are vinegary and sour, while others are just right for our taste buds. There are just a few non selling cooking teams but overall we have a choice from many selling teams. There are a few non traditional food items as well. Shrimp and sausage on a skewer
and mountain oysters followed with an amber bock beer.
If you are a first timer to indulge in this delicacy then you can proudly wear your badge of courage!

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