Saturday, August 1, 2009

August First

Here is our greeter--James--welcoming you to our summer home. He is our constant guardian of the door but he is absolutely worthless! He does no jobs around the house; he delivers no coffee or breakfast to the bedroom; he doesn't do laundry or housework. What good is he? He can hold things on his tray in hopes that WE remember to pick them up on our way out the door. And he is there so we do not come into an empty house.
Now, that August banner is on display we can turn our attention to September--and our kitchen counter top is the perfect place to lay out the backing, batting and top to pin for quilting.

Ready, pinned and to the sewing machine we go for that final touch. Only three more months to conquer--all are pieced and appliqued, just need to do the quilting. Kick me please, if my thoughts even stray into beginning another one of these year long monthly projects!


  1. He's also really short! At least Pierre is worthwhile. In fact, I think we should put Pierre to work tonight. ;-)

  2. How on earth do you find the time to do all the projects that you complete? It boggles my mind.