Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cold Pressed

Since there are so many of our friends suffering with hot temperatures and unseasonable weather changes, this post is for you. Let's make some cold pressed coffee! First, you will need this wonderful gadget
This box contains everything you need, except the coffee beans, to make a refreshing brew that is stored in the refrigerator.
First, place the small cork into the bottom of the plastic container--make sure it's placed on the outside! Yes, you would think that would be standard procedure, but there are some brains that don't work that way (yes, count my brain as one of those!)
Then place the wet filter into the bottom and and add 2 cups of cold filtered water.
Have your coffee ground coarse; pour half of the coffee into the container, then slowly pour 5 cups of water over. Add the rest of the coffee and wait five minutes before adding 2 more cups of cold water.Now comes the hard part--waiting for the water and coffee to make their magic--waiting those 12 hours and the aroma of the fresh brewed coffee fills the air. Pull the plug and let it drain.
This liquid is concentrated coffee; just add water and heat to make a delicious cup of coffee any time of the day. But, we prefer to make iced coffee, especially on those hot days. Taking 1/4 cup of the liquid gold, add water and half & half, along with ice cubes and you have a delicious coffee drink.
You say--you are a tea drinker! There is the perfect solution coming for you!

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