Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay, finished with one project--feeling good! That one is ticked off the list and we go onto the next UFO. This is slow going and the list is still very long.
The scarf was knit from handspun Roving Art April selection. It is a great feeling to take the project off the needles and block it. Laid out on the basement carpet as that was the only area that wasn't high traffic. It's a good lace pattern but was monotonous after the pattern was learned. And once you know the pattern and begin knitting, it seems the yarn will never run out!
Now, when to wear this scarf? Since it is wool, the scarf will rest till colder weather. Just can not let it abide in the closet rolled up and out of eye sight. It needs to be on display.

A true work of art in my book!


  1. Love the idea of displaying the scarf. It is beautiful and deserves to be displayed rather than put away in a drawer.

  2. It is definitely beautiful, and what a unique way to hang it. Wherever did you get the idea?

  3. Congratulations on finishing, isn't it a wonderful feeling? And when it is as beautiful as this, even more so. I can't wait to see what you do with Matisse. How long is the scarf?

  4. The scarf is about 6ft in length. Wish I had used one less pattern repeat to make it narrower.