Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Friday Nights

The weather cooperates this Friday night, even though it's a little on the warm side and a few clouds drift through the sky. We pack our cooler with our evening meal, load the car with fold up canvas chairs and head to Stapleton Northfield to hear one of our favorite local jazz bands-- Dotsero . Stapleton was the old airport for Denver, located in the center of I-70. Under pressure, the airport was moved to the boondocks, on the outskirts of Denver. Investors knew a good deal when they saw it and goobled up the area of the old airport and built several commercial ventures. The band stage faces to the east so the audience is facing into the sun. Until the sun is hidden by one of the widely spaced clouds or sets behind the stage canopy, you are either wearing a bill hat or shading your eyes with your sunshades and hands. It doesn't matter though as the music floats through the air to your ears and before you know it, your feet are tapping to the beat.

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