Tuesday, September 7, 2021

What is a Gamp?

 You are probably wondering "what is a gamp?"  I didn't know either until I began weaving.

"A color gamp is a cloth that contains a set of color stripes in the warp that are crossed by the same set of color stripes in the weft. The resulting fabric will show the interactions of all the colors with every other color in both the warp and weft."

Several days ago I was cleaning out a closet in my studio--left far too long to be sorted--it was about time, I organize that section of my room.  It's interesting what you find in that type of adventure.  I pulled out my color gamps that were woven many many moons ago.  I thought 'why are these hidden in the box?"  

Several of us decided to study color by weaving gamps.
One person set up a loom with the correct weave structure and we took
turns visiting her and weaving our section
The first one we wove was plain weave

Then we progressed to twill weave

close-up view

I found a treading error on my section--most likely I broke a thread
and didn't see it was gone until afterwards

We went onto other 8 harness samples


And this one--I really enjoyed weaving--lace!

It was a good task in weaving different settings and threading as well
as threadlings.  But there is no way these pretty colorful gamps should
remain in the closet hidden away.
I took them out--guess what all were hemmed stitches on loom--I washed
them and now will use them for various sundry functions outside that box!
They brighten up any room!

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