Thursday, August 3, 2017

Would You Give Away Your Art?

Would you give away your art?  Just give it away?  No payment?  Ask nothing in return?

This artist, P. M. Neist, is doing just that.  She is calling this Project 105:  Radical Giving.

"She donates art to connect and reach out to people who either do not know her, do not usually purchase art or simply want a piece for no reason at all.  The donated pieces are smaller and designed to fit into affordable standard-size frames.  All work is signed, executed using archival quality paper and vintage embroidery material and it is shipped for free in the U.S."  

P. M. Neist is giving away her art, but she has a message about each piece she gifts.  If you would like to be a recipient, give out her website.

This brings me to the artist we met in a Paris Starbucks--He makes art pieces
on whatever he can find--like this cardboard flap; signs it and gives it away.
We were sitting next to him and a conversation began--he is trying to
spread love instead of hate throughout the world with his 'give away' art.
With this piece, he was making a statement about the deadly shootings in
Orlando nightclub

He is a well known graffiti artist in the US--his message is clear and
reads strongly!  Here is another artist giving away his art that
includes a timeless message.

We, as artist, have a platform for our work and each piece we give
from our hearts carries over to the receiver.  That is greater than any
money we could receive.

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