Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What's for dinner.

What's for dinner?  Always a dilemma--sometimes I like to cook, but in these hot days of summer, I just want to lounge, drink a glass of ice tea (unsweetened, please) and wait to see if the dinner fairies show up--never have, never will!

On this particular day I pulled some shrimp from the freezer and thought about what to prepare-- the first day, hubby said let's go for a burger--who am I to say, but honey, I need to cook those shrimp.  So, I put the still frozen shrimp in the refrigerator to thaw--they'll be good tomorrow.
Tomorrow comes, and we had a late breakfast and mid day meal--no shrimp there either.  Finally, the third day, I KNEW I had to fix those shrimp.  Besides, they were completely thawed--what to make?

We really like Paula Dean's Fiery Cajun shrimp, which takes butter and Texas Pete hot sauce--good ole Texas Pete was nowhere to be found in the pantry.  Alexa--add to list--Texas Pete.

Another shrimp dish that is easy peazy is just to boil them--or sauté with butter and garlic,but I wanted something different-- how about shrimp and grits?  Never made that before and I'm in a cooking mode.  Gather ingredients, which I do have on hand!  Here is the recipe from Bobby Flay

Yum, Yum!  
Now, I'm back in my mode of not cooking again for awhile!

Dished up and served and 15 minutes later--all gone!

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