Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I Shouldn't Have Gone IN That Store!

 The other day--while the car was being serviced, I walked
through Barnes & Nobles--and found more books of interest to me.
Why or why did I walk through those doors?!  Temptation at hand!

As I was browsing the newer publicized books, I was greeted by
an employee and we began talking books!!  

Books to read!  Books that have been read!
and these books............
I take screen shots so I can remember to buy later.......
when I NEED a book!  When I asked my mother one time
if she needed a book, her reply was, "no, I have a book!"
Just one book!?  Mother, really!!

Anway, fiction can take on history in new ways

I love a good mystery--even if it's cozy!

For someone who loves fiber arts, this sounded right up my alley!

Never a dull moment if you immerse yourself into a book--
they take you away to another world!
There is even the chance you'll learn something new!
Happy page turning!

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