Saturday, August 5, 2017

Chinese Quilts

And there it was!  The Chinese quilt banner hanging on the entryway to the
I walked in to find the most fascinating pieces of fiber arts all from
Southwest China!  We have visited China and saw first hand the lovely works
of art--I even bought a few small pieces, which I think have been
taken off larger pieces.  But, I never saw such a collection as this.

Take a walk through this vast array of quilts and
read some of the history

Here is a whole paper on this type of work, coming from
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, which has one of the nicest
quilt museums

Chinese patchwork, also known a Hundred-Families robe (Chinese: 百家衣, baijiayi), is made by sewing scraps of fabric together to form design art. This technique is still used in Chinese quilting. Silk or cotton is used to make the patchwork.

There is much symbolism in each of the quilts 

And colors burst forth in all blocks

Silk embroidery is used most often to decorate

This was a joyous journey through some of China's greatest works.

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