Monday, October 3, 2016


Have you ever finished a project, stepped back and gave it a good look, and just didn't like what you see?  That happens to me all the time--wish I had a magic mirror that would tell me--"Don't do it with that fiber or fabric!"  It would be so much easier.

I finished the first block of "Be My Neighbor" by Moda, sponsored by Bear Creek Quilting Company

And I did NOT like it!  Not only did I get the chimneys off the roof, but I just didn't like the fabric
I selected.  It's always interesting how the selection of fabric makes a difference.

Then the light bulb went off in my head--why not use plaids for my neighborhood?
DUH!  I have a whole box of plaids just waiting to be accommodated--
and then went I dropped into Creations last week and saw this 
awesome PLAID quilt on their welcoming wall--I just knew 
Plaids were the way to go!
Navajo Code Talkers Quilt

I just had to buy a bundle of plaids and stripes!
This is such a neat looking quilt.  I hope to make my
Neighborhood plaid friendly!

This is the second block in the neighborhood and it's plaids.  Haven't redone the first
block yet so I'm on schedule to behind in this project!!

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