Friday, October 21, 2016

Note To Self!!!!

After I cut off my handspun cotton warp, I thought--Self (do you talk to yourself??)
why not warp something else--just tie on and weave?
and then........................
You would think that someone who has been working with fiber for years and years would know better!  NOT!  I have been moving this bag of spun skeins from place to place.
Inside the bag are two skeins of lovely handspun (I swear it is silk/merino blend) and it's
my handspun too!  Along with the two yarns was a wound warp--
Yes, a wound warp!
and that's all!
No other information--how many threads per inch? where was my brain?

I began putting the warp on the loom the other day and I'm thinking to myself--
what was I thinking?  What is this warp?  It was in the bag with the handspun,
so one would naturally think it was handspun--well, some of it is but
there are some lengths that are not.

I'm kicking myself--why didn't I write some information down about this
project to keep for future reference?  I think I remember winding this
warp in summer of 2014 or maybe it was 2013--it is certainly aged!

Same thing happen with these Fingerless gloves--I started knitting on them
several months ago--even finished one glove and for some reason, but left
the second glove aside until last night when I pulled this project out from
under several knitting projects.

Here is where I stopped on the second glove but

where am I on the instructions?  I use sticky note paper to line up my place,
somehow, the paper slipped and it left me scratching my head--
Okay, I'll go back over the work and see if I can find where I'm at--
I think I'm in the right place--another BIG NOTE TO SELF--

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