Thursday, October 20, 2016

Off The Loom And Feeling Good..............

Finally!  Finally finished weaving 7 yards of handspun cotton--
I had several skeins of single cottons spun--white, brown, green
I tried to use the two ply cottons that were in my stash--

I found this multi indigo dyed cotton so thought it would work
I'm not sure it looks great, but it's in the towel now and I don't plan to

It was fun to just play with my cottons as weft--

Cutting off this yardage was a happy point of my day!
nothing like taking off a warp of woven fabrics and to have this
handspun cotton as my prize--Double Happy!
I've sewed the warp at both ends and in between each towel--
now, I can hem and wash and admire even more!
I'm so delighted with my handspun cotton towels!!

Hope you are excited about one of your finished projects!

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