Thursday, October 27, 2016

Attic Window Panels

I've been playing around with panels that were found in my stash.
One of the expatcher gals, Linda, was the first to do this in our group.  Judy M had
several Christmas tree panels that would be perfect to use window panel effect.
I'm practicing with this panel--first big mistake, I didn't take a photo of the whole panel
before I cut it into pieces.
At this point, I'm not too sure this panel works well--but, I'll trudge on as I've put in some
math time--Yes, figuring out how wide and what length the window panels needed to be,
took some math brain power!

I'm auditioning borders--thinking the top fabric works better than the light colored one on
the right.  I AM NOT going to buy more fabric--there is plenty in my stash to
play with.
Interested in doing this technique with your panel?  Check this you tube video out....

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