Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spindles--Oh, Yeah!

Are you as crazy about spindles as I am?!  I love my spindles!  They come in various sizes and shapes; weigh little and spin wonderfully!  Easy to travel with and easy to store, and sometimes, easy to make!  Need more information on spindles, then check this out Ask The Bellwether

I have several of these 'wheel' spindles--these can be made to give as door prizes or
gifts.  In fact, the price is small too!  It takes only a toy wooden wheel, a cup hook and
a short piece of dowel rod (over time, I have come to favor 6" length on the dowel)

Some of the spindles are painted, some left plain--I also have couple clay spindles. 
I've even made spindles from old CD's, using a grommet to secure on dowel--it came be a
top or bottom whorl

In this photo you can see the rubber grommet on the dowel--I've also been known to
use a door knob for spindle top.  But, on the other hand, I've purchased some
expensive spindles by fine wood makers

These are my storage containers for my fine expensive spindles--
saves many a broken spindle

And here is what is inside--

This is my most expensive spindle--Golding--the weight is just perfect for spinning silk!
Oh, yes, you can never have too many spindles!

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