Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Brown, White And Green---Cotton, That Is

I have so many pounds of natural colored cotton in my fiber stash--I have been spinning off and on this fluffy stuff for years--I think this stuff multiplies in the night!  I love the feel of this natural fiber.
I decided to weave some hand towels from my handspun cotton--so on the loom 6 yards went after I finished my towels.  I'm lazy--I just tied on the warp and pulled through.
It took some time before I could wind the warp as I have to ply my cottons.
I have some dyed cottons for another warp, but think I'll prepare
those well in advance to warping! 

Singles are not a good idea for warp!!
In this photo you can see where I tied on to the previous warp

And we are being carefully to pull through the lease sticks slowly to keep the
threads in order.  I ran two threads at a time on the warping board--don't know if
that's the best thing to do but it saves time.
We are well on our way to some handspun woven towels!

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