Monday, September 12, 2016

Breakfast on The Road

When we stay in a condo with a microwave, I know I can prepare a quick breakfast!

All we have on hand are eggs, cheese, some cream cheese, bagel and milk

I found a nice size bowl in the cupboard (I've also used a coffee cup)
Small amount of milk in the bowl (about tsp.), crack in an egg

We had some cheese from snacks last night, so a few crumbs on top of the egg

Beat! Beat! That egg--place in microwave for 45-60 seconds (I always
cover with paper towel).  Ta Da!  It's done!

See, a nice little omelet!

smear on some cream cheese (if you have it) place your omelet
and you have your breakfast in less than 2 minutes!!
In a coffee cup, you will have higher and fluffy omelet egg dish!!

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