Friday, September 30, 2016

"Neighbors": Quilt And Other Art Forms

We were recently in Central Texas, Kerrville to be exact--when in town we like to stop in the Cultural Arts Center.  They always host interesting and informative exhibits.
This exhibit was "Neighbors", Quilts and other art forms:
Interesting progression of small quilts inspired by photographs
The quilter took their photo of historical house in their neighbor
and did their interpretation of that house in fabric

I loved this creative outlet to feature the city's historic element.

Each display had a statement about the history of the home

Some were whimsical, like this one-- for all they could see
was the swan flower pot on the porch

This quilt feature the mimosa tree in the front yard

Different techniques were used in each small art piece

Such a fun exhibit to walk through

Not only did I enjoy the quilting aspect, but I learned
about the history of the homes

If you have a chance, stop in the center and walk through history

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