Thursday, September 15, 2016

Quilters Exchange!

The other day we exchanged 5" squares of fabric.  We'll blame Sandy!  She brought her quilt that she made from 5" floral fabric and the idea of fabric exchange popped into our heads.  It was not my first fabric exchange or will it be my last as exchanges are always fun!
This is the quilt that Sandy made from Susie's Scraps, only Sandy add some extra borders to make a
bigger quilt

Don't you just love Judy's pumpkins!  Anyway, here is another photo of Sandy's
finished quilt

You can see that the 5" floral prints make for a nice size block.
We each received a good selection of Texas wildflowers and Western theme fabrics.
There were 9 of us in the exchange--we each cut 14 different fabrics (total 124) for each person.
Now, we're off to make this quilt!
Maybe, you'll join in with us.

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