Saturday, August 1, 2015

Waffle Irons--Not Just For Waffles!


It's been hot!  Too hot to heat up the oven, which heats up the kitchen.  We are trying different appliances in our kitchen--ones we don't use often.  We've been experimenting with waffle iron.  Yes, I know--it's good for breakfast and those standard run of he mill waffles; but why not try a lunch or dinner item?
First up--we didn't have an idea what to do for dinner--there was leftover chicken, cheese and flour tortillas--ok, let's do quesadillas, but use the waffle iron instead!  Right on!  

Omelet Waffle

Omelet Waffle  Just open frig and look to see what's leftover--there are some egg whites, sausage, onions, bell pepper, broccoli, bacon--let's add an egg, some milk, little cheese, beat--pour into hot waffle maker!  Yummy!  If leftovers, pop in toaster for tomorrow's breakfast or late snack!

Zucchini Fritters
Zucchini-waffle-recipe  lets us use up that plentiful bounty of zucchinis--add some pine nuts for crunch, little different cheeses and good veggie compliment.

Waffled Falafel
Falafel Waffle--what a treat!  we love Mediterranean food!  so this was perfect for our evening meal--delicious!

And for dessert!  Especially when we found these giant square marshmallows!

Recipe: S'moreffles — Will It Waffle?
How about trying out your waffle iron for something besides just plain old waffles? 

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