Friday, August 28, 2015

Art Continues--Paper Weaving

Art is many forms--today we venture into the world of two weavers, each with an unique technique to achieve their form of art.  A collaboration of the minds--one from Japan, the other from United Kingdom.

Paper Rhythms features the work of Mayumi Kaneko.  Mayumi is a hand weaver. She has always been developing woven textures and patterns in various yarns to make beautiful and intriguing fabrics.  Recently, her main focus has been the exploration of the potential of Japanese paper yarn. The yarn is made from Manila hemp fibers and a Japanese paper making method is used to make it into yarn. It is a very unique, fascinating and sustainable material.

Jennie Parry works with an interesting loom, ‘Tri Takadai’ which is pictured in the bottom photo.
Whether it's origami or kumihimo technique, we call it ART!  

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